Serene mommy bloggers with TELUS Health

In October, Made in Blog called upon the community of mommy bloggers to let them know about the new Emergency profile of Telus Health, a tool for health management. To support the launch of this new tool and the Emergency profile website, bloggers from the Made in Blog community relayed this campaign definitely turned towards serenity!

The sponsored post campaign generated greatly articles engagement. The personal stories shared by bloggers resonated with their readers who recognized themselves in their words and concerns. A highly engaged discussion emerged within the community with many interesting comments and sharing on social media.

If you visit Canadian mommy blogs you will most likely stumble across a story of a concerned mum who takes her family’s health to heart.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our participating bloggers!

Aurélie Sauthier

Aurélie Sauthier

President at Made in (Content & Influencer Marketing Agency)

Passionnée et visionnaire, Aurélie est la présidente et co-fondatrice de Made in. Avec son équipe basée en France et au Canada, elle développe des stratégies novatrices en marketing de contenu et d'influence pour ses clients internationaux.

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